Characteristics of the Product

  • Obtain KFI Certification
  • Patent certification
  • Reinforcement of existing tee shortcomings

Product Advantage

  • Improved welding, Root gap, Backing ring enhancement
  • Based on the tea extraction branch, the concentricity is accurate by press fitting into the center, and fine cracks can be resolved to some extent by deep penetration
  • Root gap, Increased penetration due to the angle of improvement, Increased strength against external force
  • Immediately after insertion (center, right angle auto-forming)
  • It is the same as the conventional teapot manufacturing method, but the rigidity, leakage, and stability of the weld are much higher
  • Excellent for non-welding pipes such as parking lots, household thread pipes, groove pipes, and flexible sprinkler hose


Performance Test Results

무제 문서

Test Item

Test Standard(KFI)


Pressure-Resistance Test

When applying 1.5 times of the maximum operating pressure, there should be no cracks, permanent deformation or damage.


Body Strength Test

When applying 5 times pressure of the highest operating pressure (higher than 1.4MPa), there should be no cracks, permanent deformation or damage.