Relevant grounds

Certification Standards (KFIS 20) for Pipe Joints for Suppression System

Chapter 1  2.1 Head outlet

2.2 Welded outlet for straight-pipe branch

Construction Methods and Characteristics

Outlet welding outlet for straight-pipe branch
Usage Suppression System Piping
Installation Method For the main pipe, drill a hole on the pipe and weld a welding outlet for straight-pipe branch to branch into cross pipes and after perforating a branch pipe, weld a head outlet to install the SP head.
Characteristics (merits and demerits) 1. Possible to perforate and make pipes in the factory or on site
2. Requires welding
3. Reduction of leakage due to welding
4. Less pipe loss due to less pipe cutting
5. Forged products have better strength and better mechanical properties compared to cast products.
6. Because of the welding of the same kinds, the welding capability is excellent and durability, pressure resistance and heat resistance are good

Strengths of PLS Outlet Engineering Method

  1. Excellent mechanical properties such as strength because the branch pipe is made by using an outlet product
  2. By using the same-type product as the pipe, it is excellent in durability, heat resistance and pressure resistance and has the optimum stability.
  3. It is possible to utilize various outlet parts and can immediately respond to on-site requests by 100%.
  4. By using outlet parts, it is possible to apply it to high-pressure piping.

1. Receiving and storing materials

Received materials are inspected for their conditions and quantities and then, safely stored by using covers to reduce deformation as much as possible.

2. Cutting

After precisely cutting, foreign substances from the cutting are removed

3. Pad Process

Pad is spread for the cut pipe according to the specification.

4. Shaft Pipe Process

The diameter of the cut pipes are reduced according to the specification.

5. CNC Process

Process the welding improvement angle and the screw area

6. Marking after Plating

The amount of the welding shall be adjusted to the use pressure and the fillet welding is conducted along the pad of the welding outlet. The pad area reinforces safety and pressure area of the piping.

7. Inspection and Packaging

Completed products must be inspected before packaging to minimize the defect rate. Classify and package them according to site requirements and conduct the final quality inspection before shipment according to the delivery date.

8. Product Shipment

Load and ship products complete with inspection and packaging in consideration of delivery and unloading